Sometimes in life you meet wonderful, beautiful people who become good friends. And sometimes those wonderful people happen to have a successful “side job” as a model for commercials and advertisements. And sometimes they ask you to do their hair and makeup for their updated headshots. :) Photo credits: Carmen Garlich

Soooo excited to post these beautiful pictures! Is bride was such a treasure to work with. I used airbrush as well as mineral makeup to create a skin friendly, soft, glowing look for her!
I enjoyed creating her half up style as well.
What a wonderful experience that day was!
Photo cred:

Before and afters of a new client who had four inches of re growth. I balayaged in beautiful blond hilites as well as a soft beige lolite!

Fun before and afters of a client who I hadn’t gotten to see in a year! She was so brave and decided to hop off her damaged ends and we ended up with a really cute cut after! I added in some sombrè to complete the look. :)

Makeup for another beautiful bride!

Hair and makeup client

A really fun and beautiful hair transformation, making her end result much softer!

A fun-yet-classy wedding style for a bride :)

Some fun color transformations: blond balayage, and red hilites

Beautiful bride and bridesmaid from a wedding a few weeks back.